To the cloud from your office and beyond your own horizon


This talk takes you on a journey from the office to the world of cloud computing, examining the questionable advantages of BYOD (bring your own devastation), and looking at how far you can go to protect your cloud and business online. Plus a look down the full technology supply chain to spot the competitive advantage of security throughout the entire process.

2012 has been an interesting year for data security with BYOD hitting the headlines, cloud computing becoming a more mature hosting solution and major security breaches occurring from lower down the value chain. Secarma would like to show you how this jigsaw puzzle is constructed and how it pieces together. 

Speaker Biography

Stuart Coulson is a security professional at Secarma. He has been involved in the security industry for over 8 years and has been training security professionals for three of those. His experience and expertise has come from dealing with major corporations and assisting them with relevant online protection plans and security solutions. More recently he has been involved with product development and has now taken up the role of Head of Sales.

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Starting off as an internal division of UKFast, a premium internet hosting company, Secarma has grown out of incubation to become a stand-alone private company. Combining security and karma, Secarma's ethos is built on assuring safety from an event that will inevitably happen in the future. We believe that in-house security of your critical networks and data are key to your success; offering you competitive advantages by giving your clients an added level of security that can help fulfil their compliance requirements.

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