Current PhD Studentships

Security Lancaster is proud of our PhD student research community and we are actively engaged in generating the best reseach projects for our students to work on. We actively engage in creating an innovative community of security researchers in order to drive forward and breakdown the barriers of current think through multi-disciplinary research. If you want to part of our growing community of research please see below for a list of our current opportunities.

Early Detection of Insider Threats by Autonomous Analysis of User Behaviour Evolution

Closing Date 25th Aug 2014

Insider threats pose a significant challenge to organisations, with serious potential harm related to the loss of intellectual property, significant financial loss and damage to reputation. The research during this studentship will investigate the use of techniques from the field of natural language processing to detect the early indicators of an insider threat within an organisation's unstructured internal data. Alongside this, new intelligent data analysis techniques will be utilised to process this data to better predict anomalous behaviour and reduce false positives. The research will be required to have an ethics-centred approach, with consideration of subjects' privacy taken into account. Issues such as the storage of collected data and the resulting analysis will need to be carefully considered, along with an investigation of the consensus view on different levels of automated analysis

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