Previous PhD Studentship Offers

This page is provided as a historical reference for the types of PhD places and our sources of funding that are available through Security Lancaster.

Informal enquiries are welcome, and should be addressed to in the first instance. 

Weak Signals as Predictors of Sophisticated Social Engineering Attacks

Closing Date 21st Jan 2014

Options are required to address the challenge of tackling increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks that aim to compromise an organisation's security in cyber space. Existing methods for detecting social engineering attacks focus on the so-called 'strong signals' - signatures of well-known attack methods such as phishing, spear fishing and credential harvesting. Little or no attention is paid to the 'weak signals' that develop at the fringes of the mainstream and later reach a tipping point that leads to cyber security breaches. By detecting such weak signals in emails, instant messaging and social media channels, early warnings of unfolding sophisticated social engineering attacks can be flagged before they escalate into a full-scale breach.

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Automated Relationship-based Privacy Management in Social Media

The purpose of this PhD is to eplore the major privacy concerns surround social media by exploring automated approaches to help users manage their privacy online. The studentship is funded for 3.5 years and provides a stiped end at RCUK rate.

Closing date: 20 May 2013

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Social and Technical Objects for Resilience and Cyber-security (STORC)

This is a PhD award funded by GCHQ as part of their prestigious Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research PhD programme. This PhD project is designed to explore how we can reason about joint technical controls and social controls in socio-technical information systems, and thereby 1) make an integrated assessment of risk to the socio-technical system as a whole, and 2) design the system as a whole in a self-consistent, plausible way.

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Industrial Control System Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

This is an EPSRC PhD Case Award jointly funded in part by EADS Innovation Works. This project wis designed to investigate the securitry issues around current and state of the art smart grid and other power generation technologies with the view of devising a novel Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for the embedding of security mechanisms and security monitoring.

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DSTL Studentships 2012

Security Lancaster has four fully-funded DSTL PhD studentships to study behavioural aspects of Internet security. The studentships are available for three years from 1 October 2012, and will be based at Lancaster University and the University of Liverpool.

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