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Welcome to Our research helps improve the security of software developed throughout Britain and the wider developer community. Working with teams in several companies, we have identified and trialled techniques to help any development team improve their software privacy and security.

Our team are now working to find effective ways to disseminate these techniques to the thousands of companies faced with increasing security threats and new GDPR accountability rules. Our vision is to get every developer in the UK just one step better at software security. That means us; that means you; that means many thousands of other developers, both individuals and in teams.

How could anybody achieve that? We tackle it in three ways, with research, publication and promotion:

Research: We’re working with Security Lancaster and dozens of other researchers around the world: in UCLUniversity of BristolSaarland University,Paderborn UniversityCarnegie Mellon University, in UK government, and many other places.  We’re learning things that few security experts know and none have publicised. We’re learning how programmers really react to security and how we can make secure development exciting and rewarding for those involved.

Publication: We’re publishing academic papers to prove through peer review what we have is valid. And we’re publishing how to guides like this website to help other people to help your and others learn what you want to know.

Promotion: We’re going out to conferences, to workshops, and to work with software development teams to help them and us discover the steps and enthusiasm that lead to software security.


What this means for you...

Do you want to protect your users? Do you want to keep them safe both from outside criminals and from each other? If so join us on our voyage of discovery into software security now. Organisations can benefit from our ‘train the trainer’ mentoring, use our handbook and materials, or contact us for other support.