Cyber security has been identified by the UK government as a key threat that businesses of all sizes will face over the coming years.

In response, InfoLab21 hosted a regional Cyber Security Conference in partnership with the ICT KTN on 19 September 2011 to help businesses think about how to respond to this threat.

The Cyber Security Conference 2011 provided delegates with the opportunity to hear from leading academics from across Lancaster University's Faculty of Science and Technology, keynote speeches from Tony Dyhouse, Daniel Hunt and Stuart Coulson and a range of exhibitions and break out sessions showcasing cyber security prowess and research.


  • 09:00 - Registration, refreshments and exhibitions
  • 09:45 - Event opening remarks (Dr Dan Prince, Professor Geoff Coulson, Nick King)
  • This session provides a welcome and overview for the conference from Dr Daniel Prince, Mr Nick King and Prof Geoff Coulson. The presentations cover details of the conference and why you were attending, details regarding the School of Computing and Communications and the associated Knowledge Exchange (KE) activities.


  • 10:15 - Tony Dyhouse - ThreatsICT KTN
  • In this presentation Tony looks at the types of threat that are facing UK business. Tony discusses some facinating real life examples of the types of activities that malicious hackers, from script-kiddies to nation states, under take in order to access data illegally.


  • 10:45 - Refreshments and exhibitions
  • 11:15 - Move to Breakout Sessions
  • 11:25 - Breakout Session (Industry)
  • Speakers:
  • 12:10 - Daniel Hunt - Expert Advice for Everyone: Get Safe Online
  • In this presentation Daniel looks at the activities of the Get Safe Online campaign and provides advice on how you can protect yourself and your business.


  • 12:40 - Lunch, refreshments and exhibitions
  • 13:50 - Move to Breakout sessions
  • 14:00 - Breakout Session (Academic)
  • Speakers:
    • Dr Mark Lacy - Cyber Security and International Relations: Lancaster University
    • Mark Lacy presents a discussion on the implications that computer science and cyber security has on international relations, global politics and economics.


    • Dr Bela Chatterjee: Lancaster University
    • Dr Paul Smith - Network Resilience & DDoS attacks: Lancaster University
    • Paul Smith presents the work on network resilience that is being completed as part of the EU funded ResumeNET project.


    • Dr Coral Dando and Dr Marissa Jenkins: Lancaster University
    • Dr Daniel Prince - Tools of the Hacker: Lancaster University
    • Daniel Prince presents common tools and how they are used by hackers to gain access to an organisations digital systems. He then presents further details on taking an information centric approach to protecting yourself.


  • 14:45 - Move to Bowland Suite
  • 15:00 - Stuart Coulson - Protection on a BudgetUK Fast
  • In this presentation Stuart looks at what you can do to defend yourself practically while minimising the expendature on security. The presentation give practical advice on reducing your exposure to security risks and how to maximise the bang for your buck!


  • 15:30 - Panel Session
  • This panel session features, Dr Dan Prince, Stuart Coulson, Tony Dyhouse and Tony Richardson. In this session the members of the panel will answer the delegates questions regarding Cyber Security issues.


  • 16:15 - Event close, refreshments and exhibitions
  • 17:15 - Close