Cyber Security Conference 2015

The Cyber Security Conference 2015 is a coming together of the North of England’s two most successful Cyber Security Conferences; BEC Information & Data Security Conference and Lancaster University’s North West Cyber Security Conference.

Dates: 23rd and 24th March 2015

Location: Macron Stadium, Bolton

Day 1 - Nuclear Industry

Day one of Cyber Security Conference 2015 is focussed, in partnership with the NDA, on securing the nuclear supply chain.

  • Utilities
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • R & D
  • Business Support

Day 2 - Service Sector 

Day two of Cyber Security Conference 2015 focuses on securing other industries that deal with sensitive data.

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Insurance

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From large corporations to micro businesses, the importance of protecting personal and commercial information has become much more important with the introduction of the smart phone and other portable devices. When it comes to Information Security Systems, small businesses and large corporations believe they are doing all they need to secure themselves and their clients.

However, data breaches are on the increase, more fines are being imposed by the Information Commissioners Office, over £2million in the public sector alone in the last 3 years, and large companies are employing an increasing number of information security personnel.

These organisations are now turning their focus on their supply chains as these now form the largest threats to their business continuity and disaster recovery. John Clarke, NDA Chief Executive explains why in his keynote speech at the NDA Supplier Conference in November 2014.

Come and join industry leaders and local practitioners for this FREE event, who will share with you the threats, opportunities, contractual obligations and regulations that are starting to hit the widest supply chains. The conference will be of benefit to Nuclear suppliers, engineering, haulage, Public Sector suppliers, schools, colleges, universities, Personal Information Processors, accountants, legal practices, NHS suppliers, insurance brokers, retailers and wholesalers.

Attendance for all delegates is freeregister here (Please ensure you have registered for both days).

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