15 February 2017
The Arab Spring of 2011 engulfed much of the Middle East and North Africa, but most countries either reverted to authoritarian rule or became embroiled in violence and internationalised armed conflicts.

On Thursday 9th March 2017, Professor Valentine Moghadam will give a lecture on the outcomes of the Arab Spring of 2011. Professor Moghadam argues that women’s legal status, social positions, and collective action prior to the Arab Spring helped shape the nature of the 2011 mass protests. She will also show why women fared far worse in Egypt than in Morocco and Tunisia.

The lecture begins at 4.15pm on Thursday 9th March. It will be held in SR6, Bowland North.

Valentine Moghadam is Professor of Sociology and Director of the International Affairs Program at Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Previously she has been a section chief at UNESCO in Paris and senior researcher at the United Nations University’s WIDER Institute in Helsinki, Finland.

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