Security Lancaster Seminar Series

As a hub of excellence, Security Lancaster provides a series of open access public seminars from leading researchers and academics in field of security and protection science.

These seminars provide an opportunity for world class academics to disseminate their innovative ideas and ground breaking findings with the student body and staff of Lancaster University, along with the wider region regional community in order to spark debate and critical thinking on the impact that security and protection science is having in our lives.

All the seminars are open to anybody, but numbers can be limited. Please check here for more information on previous and forthcoming seminars.

Real Time Prediction of Drive by Download Attacks on Twitter

Date: Thursday 26 October 2017, 14:00

In a drive-by-download attack, a user's computer system is infected when visiting a malicious web page (and represents one of the most common attacks employed nowadays). An attacker attempts to lure users to these malicious web pages so that they can hijack their system by exploiting some system vulnerability.

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Gendering Global Challenges: what accounts for the divergent outcomes of the Arab Spring

UNESCO Chair in Gender Research Annual Lecture

Valentine Moghadam
Director of the International Affairs Program, Professor of Sociology and International Affairs, Northeastern University, Boston

The Arab Spring of 2011 engulfed much of the Middle East and North Africa, but most countries either reverted to authoritarian rule or became embroiled in violence and internationalised armed conflicts. Prof. Moghadam argues that women’s legal status, social positions, and collective action prior to the Arab Spring helped shape the nature of the 2011 mass protests. She will also show why women fared far worse in Egypt than in Morocco and Tunisia.

Valentine Moghadam is Professor of Sociology and Director of the International Affairs Program at Northeastern University, Boston, USA. Previously she has been a section chief at UNESCO in Paris and senior researcher at the United Nations University’s WIDER Institute in Helsinki, Finland.

4.15pm-6.00pm, 9th March 2017
Bowland North, Seminar Room 6
Followed by reception, all welcome

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