The Future of Mobile Computing and Mobile Security

27th & 28th March 2014


Mobile computing has transformed the way we work, play and communicate in a very short space of time. Advances in mobile technology and the innovative uses of that technology have contributed to a multitude of social and political effects from new ecommerce enterprises to the London Riots. Alongside these innovations are security concerns which will underpin how we think about and develop mobile technology in the future.

This two day workshop comprised of a conceptual discussion and two technical exercises. The conceptual discussion group discussed current trends, future possibilities and how mobile technology will impact our lives over the next 10 years and beyond. The technical groups were given two days to produce a demonstrable attack scenario using mobile technology.


The Future of Mobile Devices

Dr Daniel Prince: Security Lancaster

Dr Daniel Prince is an associate director and business partnerships manager for Security Lancaster. Prior to this he was the course director for the multi-disciplinary MSc in Cyber Security teching penetration testing, digital forensics and information security risk management.

Daniel completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Systems Engineering in 2000 and went onto complete his PhD in Programmable Ad Hoc Networks in 2004. During his PhD he extensively worked with Mobile IPv6, working to complete an Implementation of Cisco IOS and as part of a team worked to implement the protocol in Windows CE. 

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Oliver Fitton: Security Lancaster

Oliver Fitton is a PhD candidate in the Politics, Philosophy and Religion Department at Lancaster University. His Phd in International Relations looks at digital civilians in conflict. This work encapsulates hacktivism, citizen journalism, cyber army and online groups. In 2013 Oliver completed an MA in International Relations at Lancaster University where his dissertation focused on the operations of the Syrian Electronic Army.

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Jay Abbot‌Jay Abbot

Jay Abbot is the Managing Director of Advanced Security Consulting Limited, and a celebrated key-note speaker who is regularly quoted in the media on the subject of Cyber Security. Jay’s background is in the “design it, build it & break it” space, where he has spent most of his career engineering technical solutions to business problems. Jay has held senior positions with organisations including PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Electronic Arts and Barclays Bank to name but a few.