Security futures

Form a partnership with Security Lancaster and connect with experts in research on security and global politics.

Futures provides and interdisciplinary research space that sets out to:

  • A space for interdisciplinary dialogue on debates regarding new technologies and policies that are shaped by "fear" or "optimism" in the public sphere.
  • A space to examine potential social, economic and security vulnerabilities in emerging technological and social trends.
  • A space to identify emerging research areas on global technology and security problems.

Security Futures Overview (PDF)

Research Priorities


Access Security Futures Expertise

  • Accidents in a network society
  • Borders, control and technology
  • Conflict resolution and digital geopolitics
  • Complexity sciences and security
  • Cyber security and shadow economies
  • Ecological/energy aspects of digital economies
  • Emerging threats
  • Ethical/legal/social dimensions of the transparent society
  • Global unrest in a digital age
  • Insurance and cyber security
  • New geographies of cyber insecurity
  • Scenario planning and global security
  • Smart cities and insecurity
  • Social cohesion and network society