Short Courses

High quality, accredited courses which can build into a qualification

Accredited short courses to learn key concepts, ideas, tools and techniques to apply at work


Our short courses have been designed to minimise time off work and provide a mix of face-to-face sessions and interactive web-based learning; the format varies depending on the course.  You will also benefit by networking and learning from other professionals.


Our short courses carry credits at Higher Education level 6 and 7.  You don't need a first degree or formal qualifications to apply as we look at the learning gained through experience too. Our supportive staff will guide you to apply for the right course at the right level and develop your study skills.  As a generalisation, if you are new to study at this level and/or new to the subject area, level 6 Short Courses are a good place to start.  They provide everyone with a good introduction to key underpinning knowledge and skills.


Most of our short courses are free-standing but are also building blocks in postgraduate qualifications, so you can start with one course and build to a full Postgraduate Certificates or Masters Degree from one of the UK’s top universities!


For a full list of our Short Courses, start dates and fees, click on the links below:

Short Course Schedule

Level 6 modules

Course Fees 2014/15

The fact that this was a work based qualification really appealed to me' says Annie 'I didn't want something that was purely research based so being able to accredit a work project with an academic qualification was perfect'.

Annie Bush

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