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Lancaster Teaching Award for Dr Christine Shirras

Story Published: April 2012

A lecturer from the Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences has won a Lancaster Teaching Award, nominated by students.

Dr Christine Shirras, alongside Dr Catherine Fritz from the Department of Educational Research, was chosen from a total of 34 by a panel of Lancaster University and LUSU representatives.

The nominations described how the teachers communicated their subject and inspired the students to do well.

One student said that Dr Shirras: "..has engaged me in all the subjects she has taught by taking a bright and hands-on approach in her teaching style. She is incredibly friendly and very approachable and explains things in very clear terms".

Another said that Dr Shirras' lectures were "entertaining and informative at the same time, making it really easy to learn otherwise difficult topics. She is approachable and always there to help and answer questions".

Dr Shirras said: "I am absolutely delighted to have been given this award. It means a great deal to me to have been nominated by the students themselves and I am so glad that my teaching techniques have proved effective in engaging and inspiring them".

Professor Amanda Chetwynd, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Colleges and the Student Experience said the awards gave students the chance to highlight their excellent lecturers.

"We were pleased to receive so many impressive nominations and by the detailed and complimentary comments from students who feel that the teaching at Lancaster is of a very high standard".

The awards ceremony will form part of this year's bachelor degree ceremonies which take place from 17-20 July.

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