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Story Published: March 2012

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust recently welcomed Prime Minister David Cameron on the day the Prime Minister announced a package of measures to improve standards of care in hospitals.

One of the measures announced was about leadership on wards. Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has over the last year been investing in the role of the Ward Manager. The Trust commissioned a development programme to empower their Ward Managers in the changing NHS landscape. The programme was run in partnership with CETAD and culminated in forty Ward Managers being awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Organisational Change (Health Care).

Mr Cameron said he was extremely impressed with the innovative work taking place at Blackpool and that it was important best practice such as this was shared across the NHS. He said, "I have great praise for nurses. The vast majority of patients receive very high standards of care and there are few exceptions where care falls below standard. I am here at Blackpool today because they have very good records and have done a huge amount of work to improve standards".

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