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Story Published: March 2014

Postgraduate students from the Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences have benefited from a collaborative teaching initiative with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline.

They spent a day at the blue chip firm's site in Cumbria as part of their module on Drug Discovery and Development which is offered to postgraduates on the taught MSc Biomedicine and Medical Biotechnology with Leadership programmes.

The students took part in a workshop where they had to manufacture and present model medicines for inspection by a fictional CEO and Regulatory Inspector.

Student Chithraa Raj Veldurai described the experience as "a very inspiring day that was not only a brilliant blend of scientific and corporate knowledge but also a fun way to experience a real-world industrial setup and learn new concepts."

"This was a great opportunity to find out more about the pharmaceutical industry. I learnt a lot about the values of the company and how they are incorporated into the site's daily workings, such as the organisation and efficacy of manufacture, and the tightly controlled sterility of products," said Ana Hickford-Martinez.

Concepts around sterility, organisation and documentation of tasks, as well as quality control were all worked into the day.

Dr Karen Wright, the module organiser said: "This is a fantastic opportunity to engage students to consider careers in manufacturing, particularly in the growing market of biopharmaceuticals. What they learn here not only provides them with the knowledge of the final stage of getting a medicine to market from the initial concept all the way to the clinic, but also enhances their employability."

The day was hosted by Barrie Cassey, the Site Technical Lead and his team.

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