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Collaboration on Alzheimer

North West researchers team up to tackle Alzheimer's

Lancaster University will play an important part in the region's efforts to tackle dementia.

Released: September 2014

Bipolar Disorder treatment

Pioneering online treatment for people with Bipolar Disorder

The first effective web-based treatment for Bipolar Disorder based on the latest research evidence has been developed by psychologists.

Released: August 2014

Aerosols linked to Crohn

Aerosols linked to Crohn's disease say researchers

Humans may be exposed to bacteria linked with Crohn's disease through fine spray from showers and rivers according to research led by Lancaster University.

Released: July 2014

Parasite protects carrier

The human parasite Leishmania is a probiotic for the fly that carries it

The Leishmania parasite, which causes the human disease leishmaniasis, acts as a probiotic in the insect that transmits it to humans, protecting them from bacterial disease.

Released: July 2014

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