C4AR International Conference

‘Ageing: Moving Beyond Boundaries’

05 - 07 September 2012

The Centre for Ageing Research is pleased to announce its first International Conference 'Ageing: Moving Beyond Boundaries', to be held at Lancaster University in the UK. The current and projected growth of older people over the coming decades is widely acknowledged as an issue that will have significant health, economic and policy implications not just at a global level, but nationally, regionally and locally. This is recognised in policy, strategy and debate within and across organisations as diverse as the UN, the WHO, the EU as well as national, regional and local governments, public, private and third sectors.

Advances in science and medicine together with the human and policy insights from the social sciences and the arts and humanities can and will make significant contributions to alleviating some of the worst impacts of mental and physiological ageing at both an individual and societal level. Critically, however, our best chance of success for addressing the so-called 'ageing time-bomb' lies in working toward common understandings of the key issues as well as developing trans-disciplinary solutions. This international conference represents a step toward this common goal.

In particular, it invites those working on issues of ageing and older people to contribute to a common goal by offering insights from across the disciplines. The aim is to gain a better understanding of such issues as: normal ageing processes and the ageing body; preventative strategies and how best to promote active ageing; how to prevent or cope with the onset of 'diseases of older age'; as well as understanding how we might best address the care and support needs of rising numbers of our 'oldest old' at a time when we are faced with declining pensions and welfare, and a potential 'care deficit'.

Keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Richard Faragher, Chair of the British Society for Research on Ageing and the International Association of Biomedical Gerontology, University of Brighton, UK.
  • Dr David Gems, Assistant Director of the Institute of Healthy Ageing, University College London, UK.
  • Prof. David Oliver, National Clinical Director for Older People, Department of Health, UK.
  • Prof. Julia Twigg, Professor of Social Policy and Sociology, University of Kent, UK.
  • Prof. Christina Victor, Professor of Gerontology and Public Health in the School of Health Sciences and Social Care / Associate Deputy (Research), Brunel University, UK.
  • Prof. Alan Walker, Director of the UK Research Councils New Dynamics of Ageing Programme, Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield, UK.
  • Prof. Dick Willems, Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Conference Dinner:

Sir Christian Bonington, Chancellor of Lancaster University and acclaimed British mountaineer, will give a short talk at the conference dinner on the evening of 6th September.

In seeking to move beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries we invite oral presentations, including papers, posters and symposia, around one or more, or across the following broad themes:

  1. Promoting active and healthy ageing
  2. Ageing and environment
  3. Mental health, mental wellbeing and ageing
  4. Understanding the biology of the ageing process
  5. Policy, practice and ethics
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