FHM Research Ethics Committee

Instructions for ethics application submission

An electronic application form is available from the link at the right of this page. Applicants are requested to take the following steps in submitting an application to the committee:

  1. Apply to the committee by submitting
    1. The University's Stage 1 Self-Assessment Form (standard form or student form) and the Project Questionnaire
      This is available on the Research Support Office (RSO) website and must be signed by you, the Head of Division (or delegate) and, if you are a student, by your academic supervisor:
      (See: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/depts/research/lancaster/ethics.html)
    2. The completed FHMREC application form.
    3. Your full research proposal, (background, literature review, methodology and detailed methods, ethical considerations).
    4. All accompanying research materials such as, but not limited to
      • Advertising materials (posters, e-mails)
      • Letters of invitation to participate
      • Participant information sheets
      • Consent Forms
      • Questionnaires, surveys, demographic sheets
      • Interview schedules, interview question guides, focus group scripts
      • Debriefing sheets, resource lists
  2. Create a single PDF document of all application materials.
  3. Submit one signed paper copy of the full application materials. If you are a student, the paper copy of the application form must be signed by your Academic Supervisor.
  4. Committee meeting dates are posted to the left of this page. Applications must be submitted by the stated deadline, to:

    Diane Hopkins
    Faculty of Health and Medicine
    B14, Furness College
    Lancaster University
    LA1 4YG
    Diane Hopkins

  5. If required, be available to attend the committee meeting, by telephone if necessary, on the day that the application is considered.

For questions about the logistics of the application process, please contact Diane Hopkins, at the FHM office.

For questions about ethical issues and application content, please contact the Secretary of the committee: Diane Hopkins

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