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The People


Sally Baldwin (University of York) was involved in the project until her death in October 2003.


Photo Name Institution E-mail
Photo of Jennie Popay Jennie Popay Lancaster University j.popay@lancaster.ac.uk
Photo of Lisa Arai Lisa Arai Open University l.arai@open.ac.uk
Photo of Nicky Britten Nicky Britten Peninsula Medical School nicky.britten@pms.ac.uk
Photo of Mark Petticrew Mark Petticrew London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Mark.Petticrew@lshtm.ac.uk
Photo of Helen Roberts Helen Roberts Institute of Education, University of London H.Roberts@ioe.ac.uk
  Mark Rodgers University of York mr14@york.ac.uk
  Amanda Sowden University of York ajs18@york.ac.uk


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