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A Two edged sword: Exploring positive experiences of bipolar, Feb 2014

Understanding the experience of positive aspects of bipolar will help us to understand ambivalence to current treatment and to develop new interventions that minimize the negative impacts, whilst recognizing and potentially retaining some of the positive ones.

Dr. Fiona Lobban, Co-Director of the Spectrum Centre for Mental Health Research in the UK, explored findings from a recent Spectrum study that involved interviewing participants with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder who experienced and made sense of positive aspects of living with this condition.

Spectrum Centre researcher Adam Sawczuk introduces the ERP Online study, Feb 2013

The ERP Online study is examining relapse prevention techniques within bipolar disorder

Adam Sawczuk talks about the ERP Online study being conducted by the Spectrum Centre.

Integrated Bipolar Parenting Intervention (IBPI) Launch Event, Jan 2013

Parenting with Bipolar Disorder: The Intergrated Bipolar Parenting Intervention Launch Event

Watch Dr Bev Clack present the IBPI study in Lancaster in January 2013.

Examining Service User Involvement - Rita Long, Jan 2013

Service User Researcher Rita Long presents the reasons for involving service users and the Spectrum approach.

Introduction to the Spectrum Centre - Steve Jones, Jan 2013

Professor Steve Jones, director of the centre, presents an introduction to our research ethos, aims and objectives.

Steve also discusses the driving factors behind our focus on bipolar disorder and related issues.


Rita Long discusses living with Bipolar Disorder on Preston FM, October 2013

Part of Bipolar Awareness Day on the 10th of October 2013

Rita discusses how people with a diagnosis of Bipolar can lead a contented life with the right support. She also focusses on why the Spectrum Centre aims to make psychological therapies available to as many people as possible.

Mark Holden talks about the value of service user involvement and the work of the Spectrum Centre, July 2013

This is an extract from the Spectrum Centre 5th Anniversary speeches made at Lancaster University in July 2013

Mark talks about the importance of service user involvement in bipolar disorder research, the work that Spectrum has done in the last 5 years and looks to the future.

Professor Steve Jones from the Spectrum Centre discusses Bipolar Disorder on iTalk FM Europe, May 2013

A background on Bipolar Disorder, diagnosis and a range of management options

Steve discusses the history of Bipolar Disorder and the experiences it encompasses, definitions of and experiences of diagnosis, psychological approaches and pharmacological treatments, and the future for web based self management.

Rita Long and Professor Steve Jones from the Spectrum Centre and Suzanne Hudson from Bipolar UK on Woman's Hour, Jan 2013

Woman's Hour & Weekend Woman's hour feature on parenting with bipolar disorder

Rita talks about her experiences of bipolar disorder, getting a diagnosis and why she works with the Spectrum Centre to promote research and the involvement of service users

Professor Steve Jones talks about the Recovery Focussed Therapy on Radio Lancashire, Dec 2012

Clinical Case Series' - Recovery Focused Therapy

Steve discusses the study which is exploring the impact of a recovery-focused intervention on the mood and other factors of interest for people with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. You can find out more about the study here.

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