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Rita Long

Service User Researcher

Contact Details
  • Phone: +44 (0)1524 5 94950
  • Mobile: +44 (0)7553 384321
  • Email: r.long2@lancaster.ac.uk
  • Location: C77, Furness Building
Research Background

Rita has been working in research for approximately three years. Her work background includes teaching "Early Childhood Studies" as well following various other career paths. Following a period of ill health she became involved with a charity that supported people whose lives were severely affected by mood swings. Along with her own experience of bipolar disorder this prompted an interest to work in an area that actively developed therapies to enable people with bipolar disorder to live more fulfilling lives

Research Interests

Rita's main interest is engaging "service users" and family members in supporting the work that SPECTRUM does. Developing opportunities for service users, e.g. "drop in meetings", conferences, voluntary work and supporting the provision of therapies are high on Rita's agenda.

Current Projects

Rita is currently involved in the ERP online and IBPI interventions. She is also working to further develop "service user" involvement in research.

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