Facilities at Lancaster's Faculty of Health and Medicine

We believe that our students deserve the very best facilities in which to study and develop. From modern multi-media lecture theatres and laboratories, through interactive web-based course support, to excellent library facilities and IT provision, we aim to ensure that your experience will be as productive and enjoyable as possible.

The Faculty has benefited from a multi-million pound investment for teaching and research facilities. The new practical laboratories in the Faraday Building can hold up to 100 students and contain all of the equipment needed for practical sessions. The new £1.6m Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre provides students with a state of the art learning resource to study the human body using detailed anatomical models and high-quality DVD screen-based presentations. There are excellent facilities for carrying out biomedical research including a DeltaVision deconvoluting microscope, confocal microscopes, scanning and transmission electron microscopes, an ion trap mass spectrometer with online HPLC for proteomics and metabolomics, GC-MS, a Typhoon variable mode fluorescent imager, real time PCR, flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, HPLC and protein purification equipment.


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