Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Applications

Application information for CPD courses funded by NHS North West.

CPD-Apply is the ONLY way to apply for SLA CPD/PQ modules funded by NHS North West.
Paper HEI applications are no longer required.

Step 1: Identify the clinical development module that is required, in your PDR with your line manager.

Step 2: Contact your organisation's CPD/PQ lead in the learning and development team for more information.

Step 3: Investigate the module that is relevant to your requirements to decide which university, campus and mode of delivery suits you and agree this with your line manager.

Step 4: You also need to be aware of any prerequisites for the module and any additional personal information required.

Step 5: Use the secure CPD-Apply website to:

  • complete the quick and easy online application form
  • provide a valid email address so that you can receive module information direct to your inbox
  • watch the user friendly training video which will help you to complete the online application form
  • provide your authorised manager's email address if required please make sure you have this to hand.

To apply visit where you can watch the user friendly training video for trust staff to find out more about the new system.

For further information about any of our provision or on making an application please contact us:
Phone: 01524 593318


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