Admissions activities at a national level

The Lancaster programme has developed a reputation for its innovative approach to trainee selection and staff have published relevant articles in peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Simpson, Hemmings, Daiches & Amor, 2010). In 2008, for example, the Clearing House funded research by Lancaster DClinPsy staff into the predictive validity of the written screening task on subsequent trainee performance. In 2011, Cathy Amor, Admissions Tutor, was involved in a small steering group which obtained funding for a selection specialist, Helen Baron, to undertake a job analysis. This project was funded by the Group of Trainers and updated the competencies identified by clinicians, service users, trainees and training programme staff as important in clinical psychology trainees. The competencies used up until 2011 were identified by Lancaster DClinPsy staff in 2000. This research was also funded by the Clearing House in Clinical Psychology and published in a peer review journal (Phillips, Hatton & Gray, 2004) and in Clinical Psychology Forum (Phillips et al, 2001) The new competencies form the basis of further work to improve the selection of trainee clinical psychologists in the UK. We advise and support other UK programmes in the use of general mental ability tests as a screening tool. We also share good practise in the use of fair and inclusive selection activities with colleagues in other programmes.


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