Admissions selection appointment

Successful candidates are notified verbally, by telephone, whether they are to be offered a provisional place. This occurs on the last selection event day or the day after. The university Postgraduate Office will then send an email to each successful applicant asking them to decline or accept an offer of a place. This offer is conditional on the candidate supplying satisfactory references as described above, satisfactory completion of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust's 'Self Declaration Form A', satisfactory outcome of the DBS check, the outcome of an occupational health assessment and evidence for graduate basis for chartered membership of the BPS. Candidates must answer via this route and decline or accept the offer via the Clearing House in Clinical Psychology.

  1. Evidence for graduate basis for chartered membership of the BPS: This can be a degree certificate or a conversion diploma certificate and is supplied as a scanned copy to the DClinPsy office who will forward it to the Postgraduate Office.
  2. References: A formal offer of a place on the programme cannot be made until the NHS Trust references are received from a current employer plus one other employer and both are judged satisfactory. Where references cause concern, they will be discussed by a panel of programme staff from the Selection and Admissions Team. If the content of the reference causes concern this can invoke the programme's Fitness to Practise procedures.
  3. 3. DBS check: The DBS form is completed online on offer of a provisional place, but the supplementary evidence/documentation is checked at the selection event. Successful applicants pay for their DBS check. Any disclosures which cause concern may invoke the programme Fitness to Practise procedures. The employing Trust and practice placement providers may be consulted if there are serious concerns. Where trainees are appointed after consideration of a disclosure, their practice placements will be allocated to them after discussions with potential supervisors, as part of the normal allocation process. Please see the HCPC Guidance on Conduct and Ethics for Students.

    If applicants are aware that there will be disclosures as part of the CRB checking process, it is advisable to disclose them in advance of the selection event by contacting Anna Daiches, Clinical Director, at: Advice can then be given on whether any such disclosure would influence the outcome of selection.
  4. Occupational health assessment: Following a provisional offer of a place the employing Trust will contact the applicant and ask them to complete an on-line assessment of their health. If modifications to training seem necessary they will be planned in consultation with the applicant and every reasonable adjustment will be made to enable them to meet the standards of proficiency. Trainees are vaccinated against hepatitis B soon after appointment, if they have not been immunised recently. The employing NHS Trust pays for the health check and for vaccination.
When all steps above have been completed satisfactorily the Postgraduate Office will communicate with candidates and register them before the start date of the programme.

HCPC guidance on conduct and ethics for students