Admissions selection event

Candidates meeting our entry requirements are invited to attend a selection event, usually at the Lancaster House Hotel, which is very near to the Lancaster university campus. At the selection event the candidate will meet a panel which normally comprises a Chair who is a member of programme staff, a current trainee, a clinical supervisor, a member of our public involvement network (LUPIN) and a member of the Learning Together Group or one of their associates, for about 75 minutes. They may also be asked to take a shorter version of the screening task. The format and content of our selection activities were developed in consultation with the stakeholder groups represented on the panels. For example, LUPIN members developed the competency 'warmth and empathy' before the competencies established in 2011 were available. This competence was identified by the 2011 job analysis exercise and is still used in our selection process. Members of the Learning Together group and their associates helped develop the Tower Task element of our selection process.

Candidate information required at the selection event

During the day of the selection event each candidate will be asked to:

  • Confirm that we have their current phone number for so they can be informed of the outcome of their application
  • Submit personal details for a DBS check. The paperwork is completed on the selection day but only submitted if the candidate has a provisional offer of a place. DBS forms which are not progressed are shredded
  • Pose for a photograph to ensure candidates with similar names are not confused
  • Provide the contact details of referees who can be contacted if a conditional offer of appointment is made
Candidates are given an information sheet explaining the format and content of the day and given a time, name and number to contact if they would like feedback on their performance at a later date.

Example activities at the selection event