Failure on individual academic assignments or placements is not routinely referred by the programme to the university's Postgraduate Review Committee (PGRC), the body which considers appeals. This is because the programme allows for a limited number of fails and failure on one assignment or placement does not indicate termination of registration.

Furthermore, there is no right of appeal for trainees prior to the failure of the whole doctorate. The appeals process is documented in the programme's appeal flowchart.

Where a recommendation from the programme's Exam Board has been made that the trainee fails the programme, the trainee's case is automatically referred by the Chair of the Exam Board to the Postgraduate Review Committee. However, as no appeal is allowed on the basis of academic judgement, an appeal to the PGRC can only be heard on specific criteria, for example that there were either extenuating circumstances that had not previously been made known or procedural irregularities.

More detail on this is available in the University's Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures (MARP).

All decisions made by the PGRC or the Standing Academic Committee are binding on Boards of Examiners.

Further appeals against exclusion may be made to the Vice Chancellor under Statute 21 but only if there is new evidence or an allegation of procedural irregularity. The details of an appeal under Statute 21 are specified in the Charter and Statutes of the University, Ordinance 7 (p. 27-28). A trainee whose case has been considered by the Postgraduate Review Committee cannot have their case re-considered except through the right of appeal against exclusion to the Vice Chancellor under Statute 21.

A final avenue for appeal against exclusions is via the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for students in higher education.

Advice on the various levels of the appeals procedures can be sought from trainees' tutor team, personal tutor or a student union representative.

Office of the Independent Adjudicator for students in higher education
Manual of Academic Regulations and Procedures (MARP)
Charter, Statutes and Ordinances of the University
Appeals flowchart