Articles in peer-reviewed publications

The programme is committed to the publication of all assessed work submitted by trainees as part of their Doctorate. A wide range of support is made available to this end and the course operates an incentive scheme to further encourage publication. The scheme involves the circulation of the details via the DClinPsy newsletter, the posting of papers on the corridor and the display of a poster listing the references of published papers. Additionally trainees are given book tokens; £50 for thesis papers accepted for publication within six months of the viva taking place, or £30 for those accepted within one year, and £25 for papers from all other assignments.

These initiatives have led to both the development of an attitude amongst trainees that publication is an expectation and an environment that fosters this work. As a result the rate of publication as increased dramatically with trainees in the 2012 graduating year being four times more likely to see their work in print than those in the 2007 graduating year. A full list of publications by trainees is available below.

Publications database