Assessment policy group

The Assessment Policy Group (APG) is responsible for reviewing and transforming assessment processes on the Lancaster D.Clin.Psy programme to ensure that they are fit for purpose, and develop in line with changes in the delivery of healthcare both within the NHS and wider contexts.

The overall aims of the policy group are:

  • To review the current methods and processes of assessing trainee competency on the programme
  • To transform, improve and develop the framework of assessment of trainee competencies
  • To review and develop all of the assessment processes, responding to feedback from a range of stakeholder groups
Members of the programme team within the policy group are responsible for leading the implementation of the policies, strategies and procedures developed and reviewed by the group. The APG reports to the Policy Group forum. The membership of the group comprises members of the programme team with specific assessment responsibilities and members of the stakeholder groups (i.e. examiners, practice placement supervisors, trainees and LUPIN members).