Assignments: formal assessment and complementary tasks

Formal Assessment

In terms of academic assignments, trainees must submit/complete all of the following:

For trainees in 2015 cohort onwards:

  • Direct Assessment of Clinical Skills Placement Portfolio (DACS-PP1&2) comprising of two sets of the following submitted across the first 4 placements of the programme:
    • 2 Assessment and Action Plan reports which are based on clinical activity - AAP 1 & 2 are 2000 words, AAP 3 & 4 are 2750 words (with an additional allowance of 300 words for a context paragraph which means the total word count cannot exceed 3050 words)
    • 1 Recording of Clinical Activity: 30 minute excerpt
    • 1 Clinical Recording Report (based on the submitted recording of clinical activity): Transcription (not included in the word count) and commentary on two 5 minute sections up to 2000 words, an introductory/context section of up to 500 words, and a reflective element up to 1500 words. In total (excluding the transcript commentary) the report is 4000 words
  • Standardised Roleplay Simulation (DACS-SRPS) comprising of an assessed roleplay performance, taking place toward the latter part of the first year of training.
  • Professional Issues Assignment: 2,500 word essay relating to one or more professional practice issues. It is submitted in the first few months of training.
  • Systematic Literature Review (SLR): a 6,000 word systematic review of either quantitative or qualitative studies, submitted in the summer of the first year (for the 2015 cohort) or winter of the second year (for the 2016 cohort onwards).
  • Service-Related Project (SRP): a 6,000 word report of research conducted in a service setting, submitted around half way through training. See the links below for specific guidance for individual cohorts.

For trainees in cohorts 2014 and earlier:

  • Placement Presentation and Report (PPR): two 7,000 word reports of a piece of clinical work/activity comprising of:
    • 2 Initial Reports - 1500 word report based on a communication from clinical placement (4 must be submitted, but only two are examined)
    • 2 Presentations - 15 minutes based on piece of work from placement
    • 2 Discussions with examiners based on presentation material
    • 2 Main Reports - 5500 words based on work from placement
  • DACS-SRPS: see above (for 2014 cohort only, earlier cohorts do not undertake this assignment)
  • Professional Issues Assignment: see above but with addition of PIA 2, an essay of the same word length submitted towards the latter part of the second year of training.
  • Systematic Literature Review: see above
  • Service-Related Project: a 12,000 word report of research conducted in a service setting

Complementary Tasks

While not formally examined in the way the assignments above are, there are other tasks which we would expect to be completed before the doctorate can be awarded. These are:

  • Take part in one formative Standardised Role Play Simulation near the beginning of training (2014 cohort onwards)
  • Presentation of initial SRP idea to a peer group
  • Presentation of completed SRP to colleagues, programme staff and other stakeholders
  • Presentation of completed first Professional Issues Assignment to colleagues and programme staff
  • Presentation of the thesis to colleagues, programme staff and other stakeholders
  • Presentation to colleagues, programme staff and other stakeholders on third year placement activity
  • PDR presentation to colleagues
All these presentation dates are indicated in the annual plan and trainees should be aware that if they are unable to attend the scheduled dates, alternative dates will be arranged.

Index of guidance for specific assignments:
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SRP guidance (2016 cohort onwards)
SRP guidance (2015 cohort)
Direct Assessment of Clinical Skills - Placement Portfolio
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