Cohort tutors

Why do we have cohort tutors?

  • To provide a point of contact for each cohort (with the inbetweeners being considered as a fourth 'cohort') for the duration of training
  • To address specific cohort-related issues
  • To provide a conduit for information between trainees and the programme

How does the cohort tutor system work?

  • There are two members of the programme team (one clinical tutor and one research tutor) who act as cohort tutor for each cohort of trainees. The cohort tutors meet with the cohort once a month/every six weeks with meetings held at the start or end of lunch breaks on teaching days. The purpose of these regular, scheduled meetings are for trainees to inform the tutors of any issues affecting the cohort; and for the cohort tutors to pass on information to the cohort. In the case of the Inbetweeners, phone/Skype meetings often need to take place in order to be inclusive.
  • The cohort tutors meet together monthly with the Clinical Director. This allows for issues to be shared between cohort tutors and taken forward in efficient and systematic ways.
  • The cohort tutors pass information/concerns raised by the cohort on to the relevant individual or policy group.
  • The cohort tutors are not responsible for individual trainee issues. Any issues affecting individual trainees should be taken to the trainee's tutor pair in the first instance.