Concern about staff behviour (for trainees)

As a programme team, we endeavour to undertake our duties in a respectful and ethical way, however there may be times when trainees wish to raise concerns about a member of DClinPsy staff and the following document outlines the procedures for doing so.

The first point to make is that the programme takes all trainee concerns and feedback seriously. When issues are about a DClinPsy process/policy/assessment etc and not about a specific member of staff then this should be raised with either the individual tutor or the cohort tutor team and a resolution will be sought.

Where issues do concern an individual member of staff then we would expect both trainees and staff to be committed to resolve any issues in an informal way, through discussion, mutual respect and understanding. If this does not achieve resolution then trainees should seek the support of their individual tutor team. The tutor team will discuss an action plan with the trainee and hopefully facilitate further discussion with the staff member in question. Where this is not possible, or where the concern is regarding a member of the individual tutor team, then the concern can be raised with the Directors. Again, all efforts will be made to resolve the issue without recourse to formal processes. If the issue concerns one or both of the Directors then the trainee should seek the advice of their individual tutor team.

Where all efforts to tackle the issue informally have not led to resolution that the trainee is satisfied with then the next step is to consider a formal complaints procedure. There are two separate routes for doing so: -

Any trainee wishing to consider a formal complaints procedure can seek the advice of Lancaster University student based services and/or the Trainee Advocate.