Conference and CPD expenses

Once your application to attend a conference, online training or personal therapy has been approved by Katherine Thackeray, Programme Administrator, the associated fee can be paid by the department via our finance team, or you can pay this yourself and claim it back electronically through the online student expenses system. Please see this web page with links to the expense policy and full details for making a claim in Agresso Web.

Please note that the Agresso icon will not appear on your desktop, but you can access the system via the web address (which is included in the help pages).

Accommodation, travel, meals and sundries for conferences are processed in the same way as the registration fee. Receipts should be scanned or photographed and attached to the online claim. Please notify Katherine Thackeray of the expenses being claimed as these need to be deducted from your conference budget.

Fees claimed are reimbursed direct into your bank account, so you need to register your bank account via the Lancaster University bank account nomination website.

Agresso Web Expenses Claim Form
Lancaster University bank account nomination