Crisis management

If trainees are experiencing crises and need extra support outside of the above support systems, they should approach one of their individual tutors in the first instance or, in an emergency, another member of staff who is present within the university. In a crisis it is always possible to call the absence phone on 07508 375 643.

There are a number of sources of help and various types of provision that can be made. For example, if necessary, you can discuss compassionate leave arrangements with the Clinical Director, or even intercalation periods from the programme. If a trainee is absent for four weeks or more, the university follows an intercalation process which provides a pause in training without affecting a trainee's registration. This is arranged alongside liaison with the trainee's employer and includes sickness absences (over four weeks) and maternity leave, as well as other kinds of absence. The university also provides a confidential counseling service; it is usually only a matter of days to obtain an appointment.

Lancaster University counselling service

The employing trust provides assistance in times of crisis and help can be sought from the trust's human resources department and employee assistance programme. In addition, where appropriate, the Clinical Director can refer the trainee to the trust's occupational health service.