Development agreements

Please note: Development agreements have now been replaced by the Individual Training Plans which were introduced in 2016. The following guidance relates to trainees who started training prior to that point and have not transitioned to the ITP process.

Development agreements are used by the programme to support the progress of trainees who, for various reasons, have particular learning and development needs. These include having or acquiring a disability that might impact on their ability to complete training, having a long term period of absence, or failing either a piece of academic work or a placement. A development agreement is intended to be non-stigmatising, and to provide a framework for ensuring that the trainee is enabled to access the support they need to meet their particular development need.

Once a development need has been identified, and it has been decided that a trainee requires a development agreement, the trainee will meet with their tutor pair to draw up the agreement, identifying the particular issues they require support with and the sources of support that will be put in place to address those issues. The development agreement will then be signed, with copies kept by the trainee, the tutor pair and the clinical director. It will then be reviewed at regular intervals for as long as the particular development need continues to exist.

Development Agreement Form