Evaluation and improvement of quality and standards

There is an annual review of all aspects of the programme which is collated at faculty level. All teaching is both coordinated and delivered by specialists in the relevant areas. The Learning and Teaching Development and Implementation Group maintain responsibility for the quality of teaching and review of the processes. New clinical psychologists and members of staff may be approached to contribute. Feedback from trainees is taken into consideration, and draft programmes for the future year discussed with them as well as the teachers. Action on feedback is communicated to all involved.

Assessments are reviewed in detail by the Assessment Development and Implementation Group. Marking consistency, reasons for failure, late submissions, external examiner feedback and so on are covered. The group's contributors include trainee representation and members of LUPIN as well as those members of academic staff leading each assignment.

There are workshops for all those who contribute to the scheme: assessors, teachers, supervisors. Most NHS clinical psychology staff working in North West services contribute in at least one capacity.

Markers and External Examiners provide comments and feedback to the programme. These are reviewed and feedback provided.

Supervisors provide feedback to staff on any element in which they are involved (clinical, research or academic support).

The programme operates a system of peer observation consistent with the University's procedures.