Examination board

The Examination Board has the authority delegated to it by the University to reach decisions regarding the academic status of students' assignments and the completion status of students' practice placements. The membership of the examination board is the programme staff, appointed external examiners, with the Vice Chancellor, the Assistant Dean for Teaching and the Head of the Division of Health Research as ex-officio members. The external examiners sit for a fixed term (usually three years) and act as moderators of overall assignments. They also provide the final adjudication on assignments indicated as fails by the markers. Markers of specific assignments are also invited to attend specific Boards. These markers are NHS clinical psychologists who have honorary university appointments and who are therefore eligible to assess trainees' work. The current Chair of the Exam Board is Professor Bill Sellwood and the deputy is Dr Ian Smith. The chair is appointed at the directors' committee. The Exam Board meets five times a year and its minutes, taken by the Programme Assistant (Academic), are available to all programme staff, external examiners and relevant University postholders. For further information on assessment practices, please see the Assessment documents.