Examination of the thesis

For the thesis, programme staff (or other members of the university such as colleagues in psychology, DHR or social sciences) who are not directly involved in helping trainees with the preparation of their thesis research act as internal examiners. Each thesis is examined by a specifically appointed external examiner whose appointment and appropriateness to examine the thesis is assessed by the university. The thesis is submitted towards the end of May of the trainee's third year and the viva examinations are normally from June to early in July. At each thesis viva, a Chair usually sits in during the examination which is line with University requirements regarding the examination of doctoral level theses. In the absence of a Chair, an audio-recording of the viva will be made.

Trainees can find more information in the Guidance on the thesis process for trainees section of the online handbook.

Guidelines for Thesis Format: Advice to internal and external examiners
Lancaster University guidance notes for the examination of research degrees