Innovative Placement Experience

Given the changing context of the NHS, and of clinical psychology as a profession, the programme is keen to develop and enhance the scope and range of placement opportunity to trainees.

This includes organising placement opportunities in non-NHS settings (for example within the voluntary sector or local authority settings) or undertaking activity which has not previously been thought of as the mainstay of placement activity (e.g. service development work such as funding bids or writing business plans within NHS services).

There is a process for arranging and monitoring these opportunities, with attention being paid to rigor in quality assurance and competency development as with the rest of our placement activity.

These placements may be possible throughout training, but tend to be to primarily undertaken as part or all of a third year placement. Decisions about allocating such opportunities will be made in consultation with clinical tutors, with careful consideration to factors such as trainee-placement fit, trainee competency development and overall learning needs.

Some examples of previous 'innovative' placements include: -

  • Working with a local authority public health department to develop services in line with the psychological evidence base
  • Working alongside a clinical psychologist in a charitable organisation providing services to children at risk of being taken into care
  • Working alongside a clinical psychologist in a social enterprise providing services to homeless people

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