Interlibrary loans

The projected number of interlibrary loans (ILLs) needed for each student in each year is given in the table below. This loan facility is, of course, essential to postgraduate study but is also very expensive. Staff would therefore like students to be efficient in their use of the interlibrary loan facility.

The library does send a list of ILLs per student to the Division of Health Research on a monthly basis so staff are able to monitor the situation.

Table of suggested maximum number of interlibrary loans needed in training:

Reading on each of the first 4 placements 5
Placement presentation and report - reading, per report 5
Direct assessment of clinical skills reading, per report 5
The systematic literature review 15
The professional issues assignment 5
Reading on the long third year placement 7
The service-related project 10
Preparation for the ethical committee (thesis) in year 2 15
Further reading for the thesis in year 3 15

In addition to the library facilities, the programme holds a number of additional resources in its admin office in Furness. This includes a set of key references (APA manual, key textbooks) and a list of common psychological tests which can be borrowed by trainees. Other resources available are mobile phones (to use as a contact point for research projects) and digital recorders.