LCFT travel expenses

The Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust expense claim form is available at the link below. You should complete a form at the end of each month and submit the form to Ruby Mitchell, Programme Assistant (Placements). The form will be checked and approved and then posted to Payroll at the Trust; in order for the form to be processed in time for your salary the following month, Payroll need to receive it by the 5th of each month (so please submit to the office in time to ensure this, otherwise, the travel claim will be held over for another month). You are only eligible to claim for travel within the past three months, so it is advisable to submit on a monthly basis.

Trainees must register their vehicle before submitting any claims to the Trust. This can be done by completing the car insurance form below and submitting it to the programme office together with a current insurance document which states that there is cover in place for business use, the vehicle registration form, and their driving licence.

LCFT expense claim form
LCFT car insurance form