Marking for all assignments except the thesis - 2017 Cohort and earlier

Markers are required to attend training for specific assignments before they undertake the marking of the assignment. Markers are typically local clinical psychologists and/or members of the programme team. All assignments are double-marked and, with the exception of the PPR presentation, all markers will mark the work independently before reaching an agreed final mark with their co-marker. For the PPR, markers collect evidence for the competencies independently before jointly agreeing marks. The PIA assignments, SLR, SRP and the DACS-PP-AAP are marked blind. All assignments are marked against a competency-based framework and a single, agreed set of marks is communicated to the trainees. Markers are invited to attend the Exam board meeting where the work they have marked is being considered.

Marksheets and relevant documents

CR instructions to markers
CR marker booklet
CR trainee feedback form
AAP instructions to markers
AAP marker booklet
AAP trainee feedback form
CRR instructions to markers
CRR marker booklet
CRR trainee feedback form

SLR examiner booklet
SLR trainee feedback sheet

PIA examiner booklet
PIA trainee feedback sheet

SRP examiner booklet
SRP trainee feedback form

Marking for assignments in relation to a specific learning difficulty

Legacy documents

PIA 2 trainee feedback sheet and examiner booklet

PPR Examiner's Electronic Record, Report and Scoring Form
PPR Indicators