Pastoral policy group

The PaPG has a core membership consisting of:

  • Five members of the programme team (including at least one of each of the clinical team, the research team and the administrative team)
  • Two LUPIN members
  • One trainee from each cohort
The membership of the core group will be reviewed each year. The group may also co-opt additional members.

In addition to the core membership the PaPG has a Reference Group made up of stakeholders with an interest in the pastoral role of the programme. The role of this group will be to provide input into the work of the group, receiving the notes of PaPG meetings and being consulted about particular actions being undertaken by the group. The aim of having a Reference Group is to facilitate the involvement of key individuals in the work of the PaPG for whom attendance at meetings would not be possible but whose input would be of particular value. The membership and functioning of the Reference Group is kept under regular review.

The group will meet at least three times per year. These meetings are booked in at the start of the academic year, with additional meetings arranged as needed. Meetings will only go ahead if at least three members are present and will usually last two hours.