Placement assessment

Practice placement supervisors are asked to assess, evidenced by the work undertaken and opportunities available on the placement, whether a trainee has satisfactorily met the level of competence expected for their stage of training across the required domains of both specific and transferable competence. If a trainee has not met the level of competence expected by the end of the practice placement, practice placement supervisors are asked to either record it as an area which 'requires attention' or as 'unsatisfactory'. Practice placement supervisors are asked to give an overall rating on the level of competence of the trainee. Both practice placement supervisors and trainees are required to sign the SAT form (available in the appendix below), the outcome of which is considered a recommendation by the practice placement supervisor to the Exam Board. The outcome of all trainees' SAT forms are reported to the Exam Board for consideration by the chair or deputy chair of the Placement Development and Implementation Group.

Where there is a fail grade recommended by a supervisor for a placement, then the relevant written documentation is sent to an External Examiner prior to the Exam Board. The External Examiner's role is to give trainer's opinion, from within the profession but external to the programme team and local clinicians, given the evidence in the supervisor's assessment of trainee form and other relevant documentation. In some cases the External Examiner may also wish to see other materials (e.g. reports or letters written on placement). Following a consideration of the evidence, final recommended outcome (pass or fail) for all work (and placements) is a matter for the Exam Board. At an Exam Board where placement failure has been recommended by the supervisors, at least one external examiner will be in attendance and it is expected to be the one who has previously scrutinised the documentation.

The Exam Board may decide to endorse a fail grade for a trainee's performance on placement and the placement experience will then need to be repeated as trainees must have successfully completed five placements while on the programme. The Placement Development and Implementation Group will seek out and arrange a repeat placement at an appropriate point in training. The repeated placement will not take the place of another core or third year placement.

Trainees must pass each practice placement in order to progress through the programme. If the practice placement is failed at the second attempt the trainee will not be allowed to progress further on the programme as trainees are required to pass all practice placements in order to graduate from the programme.

Supervisor's Assessment of Trainee (SAT) form
Supervisor's Assessment of Trainee (SAT) form - final placement version