Placement provision: north west network

From a more general perspective, the programme takes a number of measures to ensure that enough placements of suitable quality are available. This includes an agreed schedule of core placements across the three northwest courses, which is designed to prevent all three courses from requiring placements in the same core field at the same time, as well as to limit the impact of two NW programmes requiring placements from the same field at the same time. Part of the clinical tutors' role (with the oversight of the Placement Policy Group) is also to develop and maintain links between the programme and practice placement providers, services and special interest groups within the profession, so that the impact of local and national workforce issues can be noted and, if necessary, acted upon to keep the availability of good quality placements high on the agenda of local services and practitioners in the northwest. The Placement Policy group also maintains links with Practice Education Facilitators (PEF) in the NHS trusts across the region, to identify issues with placement capacity, troubleshoot short term difficulties and work to ensure that Trusts in the region are upholding their training agreements by providing the agreed quantity of placements.

Selection of third year placements is more bespoke, as these placements are negotiated and designed to meet the remaining clinical training needs of each trainee as they approach qualification.