Placement provision: quality assurance

For those supervisors who and/ or placements that have not been used by the programme before (even if they have provided placements for other northwest programmes), there will also be direct contact made by a member of the programme team with the placement supervisor to check that all suitability criteria are able to be met by the placement and by the supervisor. When a supervisor is offering a practice placement opportunity for the first time or a practice placement opportunity is being offered in a particular service for the first time then an enhanced quality assurance process takes place. Following an initial request for expressions of interest in supervising, the chair and/or deputy of the Placement Policy group will identify all first time practice placement opportunities which have been offered. A blank Placement Description Form will be sent to the potential supervisor and a pre-placement visit to the practice placement will be arranged by a Clinical Tutor. This pre-placement visit must be completed prior to the allocation of any trainee to the practice placement. The pre-placement visit must take place at the site where the trainee will be spending the majority of their practice placement. The Placement Quality Assurance Form must be completed by the clinical tutor visiting the placement site during the pre-placement visit. The form asks for evidence of appropriate facilities, accessibility, safety, governance and assurance, as well as confirmation of supervisor qualification and professional registration. Only when the placement quality assurance form records that all assurance benchmarks have been met will the practice placement and supervisor be considered suitable for allocation of a trainee.

This pre-placement visit by a clinical tutor to all new placements also serves as extra support to supervisors new to the programme as the visiting tutor will help orientate new supervisors to the programme.

Placement description form
Placement quality assurance form