Placement provision: supervisor training

Checks for compliance of offered placements with the required standards are carried out first by checking the registration of potential supervisors with the HCPC, and also checking their successful completion of appropriate supervisor training against records held by all three northwest clinical psychology training programmes. The programme has a supervisor training and support strategy (available in the online handbook) which sets out the supervisor training offered and intended learning outcomes that are to be achieved during attendance at this training. Due to collaboration in the planning stage, these outcomes are identical to those provided by the other two (HCPC approved) northwest doctoral programmes in clinical psychology, so that the supervisors across the North West, who offer placements to the programme, have access to a wider range of appropriate supervisor training opportunities. We proactively contact supervisors who have not attended recent training, to provide information about forthcoming events and help them to plan attendance. Any supervisor who has not attended supervisor training within the past 5 years must make an arrangement to do so within the duration of the trainee's placement. If, for unavoidable reasons, they are then unable to attend this training, they must complete a supervisor training workbook and/or attend a supervisor workshop prior to us taking up subsequent placement offers.