Placement range of experience

The placement programme is designed to offer trainees practice experience of the range of clinical psychologist activities. This can range from therapeutic work with individuals, families and groups across the age range and across a diverse range of contexts, working practices and presenting difficulties to consultation, leadership and service development. The main function of achieving this diversity is to afford the trainees appropriate opportunities to nurture and develop their skills and competencies to the level required by the Standards of Proficiency (SoPs) set out by the HCPC for Practitioner Psychologists (including those specific to the practice of clinical psychology) and to be confident in achieving these standards by the completion of their training. A trainee would usually have clinical experience of issues relating to adults, older adults, children and families, and people with learning disabilities, as well as in contexts where brain injury and health issues are addressed. On some occasions, placement experience may be selected which is at variation from the clinical specialities outlined above, where it is felt that opportunities for competency development is equivalent and appropriate for an individual trainee's training journey. In addition, we encourage trainees (where it fits with their learning needs) to undertake 'innovative' placement activity within the third year of their training, for example to develop skills which relate to the broader role of a clinical psychologist in a modern NHS climate (eg leadership, service development) or in 'non-clinical' settings, such as in community based or third sector work contexts. The focus is on trainees accessing the appropriate learning opportunities to build their competence to that of a fully trained clinical psychologist over the whole three years; paths to this end may differ, and being flexible in this way will always be designed around achieving this end.