Placement Schedule over Three Years

Placements on the Lancaster University DClinPsy fall into a precise pattern across the three years. For the first two years, two placements each year notionally go between 1st October and 31st March, then 1st April and 30th September. In the third year the placement starts in early December and finishes on 31st August. The broad nature of the services within which each of these placements is provided is given in the table below:

Placement Schedule Clinical Placement (3 days each week)
Year 1
September (No Placement - Induction Programme)
October - March Children and Families
April - September Adult Mental Health
Year 2
October - March Older Adults, Physical Health or Neuropsychology
April - September People with Learning Disabilities
Year 3
October - November (No Placement - Research Activity)
December - August Third Year Placement (placement activity often 4 days each week from thesis submission)
This pattern allows the three doctoral clinical psychology programmes across the northwest to share and integrate their placement arrangements, selecting placements from the whole pool of placements available within the northwest. This consistent order of placements also enables the programme to match the contents of the taught curriculum that runs alongside the placements to the broad needs of each placement. Should trainees intercalate (e.g. through illness or maternity leave), this may necessitate a variation in this schedule; in this case trainees' attendance at teaching sessions will be negotiated so that they will have appropriate access to teaching content to support them on their placements.