Policy on the use of continuing professional development (CPD) funds

Staff actively encourage trainees to develop professional interests and expertise via various means including attendance at external conferences, online training and accessing personal therapy. Therapy for continuing professional development differs from therapy that would be indicated by an occupational health referral. The latter concerns therapy accessed to address issues around capacity to practice whilst the former pertains to enhancing practice. To discuss further the first point of contact is Naomi Allen (Associate Tutor - Mentor and Trainee Therapy Co-ordinator).

There is a formal procedure for determining use of your CPD funds, to maintain equity in the distribution of funding and to ensure financial accountability.

Applications should be submitted to Katherine Thackeray, Programme Administrator.

  1. The CPD entitlement depends on programme finances at the time of your entry to the programme: trainees joining in 2017 or later are entitled to £300 over the three years, while the budget for intakes prior to 2017 is £400.
  2. Under no circumstances will a trainee be allowed more than the £400 total over the three years. Money unspent at the end of training remains within the programme budget. It is not possible for money to be spent after the completion of the three years training, or for it to be used for books as these can be requested or accessed through the library. If the CPD activity exceeds the budget the trainee is required to cover the excess.
  3. Only in exceptional circumstances will programme staff allow attendance at a conference or non-programme activity if this involves missing part of the DClinPsy teaching programme (such as one-off conferences that are of specific relevance to the trainee's individual learning needs, or events where the trainee will be presenting). If trainees wish to attend an event which clashes with DClinPsy teaching, they must agree to this with their individual tutor pair. In addition, the trainee should send apologies, in advance to the lecturer scheduled to deliver the teaching, assuming it has been agreed that they can miss that session. Ongoing commitments, such as personal therapy sessions should be scheduled within study time.
  4. All trainees must submit the details of the CPD activity, and costs of attendance to the Programme Administrator. An application form (see appended) should be completed for each activity.
    • Details should include promotional literature if applicable, dates of the event, and whether the trainee has gained the relevant approval (e.g. from a placement supervisor) to attend the event.
    • All rough costings must include, where relevant, fees and for conferences only travel accommodation and subsistence.

The Programme Administrator will organise the approval system and consult with tutor pairs as required.

Application to access CPD funds