Previous Service Related Project (SRP) titles

2012 Intake

A qualitative investigation exploring staffs' perceptions of and attributions towards challenging behavior on a post-acute neuro-rehabilitation unit

A qualitative study of staff experiences of being part of a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Team within the National Health Service

An exploration into young peoples' and parents' experience of Session by Session Rating Scales (SRS) in child and adolescent mental health services, and how it impacts on the therapeutic alliance

An exploration of the experiences of a group which aims to promote the lived experience of disability

An exploration of the experiences of clinical psychologists working with end of life issues in acute oncology services

Experiences of a hospital support group for friends and family of people with long term mental health difficulties

Experiences of posttraumatic growth during rehabilitation following brain injury

Exploring service-users' experiences of a new "one-stop clinic" for memory assessment

Exploring the experiences of mothers of developing relationships with their infants in a neonatal intensive care unit

Exploring the impact of a service development forum for young people using child and adolescent mental health services

Families' experiences of Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

Parents' and carers' experiences of attending asleep workshop within a child and adolescent mental health service

Responding to self-harm: A qualitative exploration of what young people want from mental health services

Service user experiences of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) review process within an Older Adult community mental health team (CMHT)

The experiences of staff attending a training day on understanding and working with men with learning disabilities and sexually harmful behaviour.

What are staff experiences of the psychological needs of renal dialysis service users?

What are the experiences of male patients completing a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programme in a high secure hospital setting?

The experiences of patients and significant others involved in a pain management programme 'friends and family day'

Primary caregivers experience of a newly commissioned CAMHS outpatient eating disorder service

Ward staff experiences of involvement in restraint and seclusion in an acute learning disability setting

2013 Intake

Support for practitioners working with people with neurodegenerative disorders

Patients' experiences of managing chronic pain following completion of a pain management programme

An exploration of parents / carers' experiences of a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

An exploration of non-psychology staff views on increasing access to psychological interventions for psychosis in community mental health teams

Childhood adversity and trauma: Experiences of professionals trained to routinely enquire about childhood adversity

Understanding the views of staff in care homes regarding non-pharmacological approaches to managing challenging behaviour in dementia care

Experiences of parents and carers whose children are accessing a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service: implications for psychological support needs

An investigation into Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service clinicians' attitudes towards emerging personality disorder

A qualitative study exploring the effects of attending a community pain service choir on wellbeing in people who experience chronic pain

Service users' experiences of psychological therapy in early intervention services: A qualitative exploration

Experiences of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing within a paediatric setting

How do trainee clinical psychologists' attitudes to transgender people vary in relation to aspects of their training?

Parent/carer experiences of their child's dressing changes taking place on a burns unit

How do staff in an inpatient adolescent service talk about and understand young people's difficulties and how does this relate to diagnostic labels?

How does case formulation fit with a protocol-led approach in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies settings?

Exploring the unique identity and contribution of clinical psychology in child and adolescent mental health services: A qualitative analysis

The experiences of support for parents and carers of young people in an inpatient unit who self-harm

An exploration of the views of staff within an intensive care unit about the role of clinical health psychology

The recognition and management of psychological difficulties in individuals with Parkinson's disease: Perspective of the Parkinson's disease nurse

The experiences of being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

The views and needs of parents and carers of young people accessing a child and adolescent mental health inpatient service

Ophthalmologists' understanding of the psychological impact of sight loss

2014 Intake

Parents' or carers' experiences of the 'Incredible Years' baby programme.

Experiences of heart failure patients with a previous history of cancer: Service implications.

Staff experiences of working with clinical psychology across a rehabilitation network

What are the experiences of one-to-one therapy with clinical psychologists? Views from people with Learning Disabilities.

How service users with learning disabilities understand their own challenging behaviour and approaches to managing it.

How do carers of stroke survivors experience the stepped care model of post-stroke support?

Exploring wellbeing and involvement in rehabilitative care for partners of persons with limb loss: Implications for clinical psychology input to service provision

Resilience and protective factors for mental health difficulties in young people with complex needs: A thematic analysis

Exploring male prisoners' experience of being involved in developing and using their psychological formulation within a personality disorder service

A qualitative exploration of the psychological and support needs of teaching staff working with young people in an inpatient unit: to inform the supports provided by clinical psychology

Self-disgust and psychosis: an exploration of healthcare professionals' views on the role of self-disgust within psychotic experience.

Can internet technologies be of therapeutic value to psychologists who work with children and adolescents?

What are the experiences of people recently diagnosed with non-epileptic attacks and referred to an information and self-help website?

A qualitative investigation into the challenges of working within a single point of access process in CAMHS

Manager perceptions, understanding and future expectations of the clinical psychologist role within child and adolescent mental health services

A qualitative investigation into the role of communication with health care professionals in promoting psychological well-being in adolescents with type 1 diabetes

Exploring multidisciplinary staff experiences of supporting patients' psychological wellbeing after stroke

Routine outcome monitoring in children's psychological services: Exploring the views of children, adolescents and their parents or carers

Social workers' experiences of clinical psychology consultation when working with complex cases of children in care.

Experiences of delivering a peer support intervention to individuals who have an amputation

Experiences of attending a pan-diagnosis self-management group: A qualitative study

An exploration of the impact of self-harm in an inpatient adolescent setting on staff: A qualitative study

Staff experiences of managing self-harm in an inpatient unit for adolescents.

Exploring the psychological needs of patients receiving heart or lung transplants in an NHS service

2015 Intake

The emotional experience of primary angioplasty

Violent Incidents in a Secure Service for Individuals with Learning Disability: Incident Types, Circumstances and Staff Responses

Informal carers' experiences of communication with a mental health service for deaf individuals

Physical intervention in a forensic setting: The experience of service-users with learning disabilities

Exploring the psychological needs of South Asian women with a diagnosis of breast cancer

Evaluation of the appropriateness of the PHQ-9 and the GAD-7 questionnaires as diagnostic tools to assess level of distress in patients with chronic pain

Experiences of attending a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer course

A pilot evaluation of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for people with Huntington's disease: Friends' and family members' perspectives

An evaluation of Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination III (ACE-III) scores, neuropsychological assessment scores, and diagnosis outcome within a memory service

How do clients referred to a neuropsychology service perceive the usefulness of bibliotherapy and online resources?

Experiences of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for people with Huntington's Disease.

The experiences of service users with cancer who have completed a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course: A family member's perspective.

Exploring predictors of first appointment attendance at a pain management service

Use of symptom-based outcome measures by clinical psychologists in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS): A qualitative exploration

Investigation into the outcome of training to improve staff's confidence in undertaking psychological assessment and interventions with patients with life limiting illness

Incidents and consequences of self harm in clients with learning disabilities in a secure setting

A qualitative study exploring how staff explain and cope with the increase in self-harm seen within child and adolescent mental health services

Adolescent girls' perceptions of the impact of a four week dance programme on self-worth, identity and coping: A thematic analysis

Service user experience of attending a recovery group within a tier 4 child and adolescent mental health service

Understanding resilience in young people with complex mental health needs: A Delphi study

Nursing staff experiences of attending a pilot clinical supervision group within a Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service inpatient unit

What are service users' experiences of a multidisciplinary team in a specialist airways service?

What predicts perceived control in Parkinson's disease?

2016 Intake

An evaluation of a telephone triaging system for people with traumatic brain injuries referred to a clinical neuropsychology service

Exploring the impact that sleep has on the emotional wellbeing of the caregivers of children with asthma

The Solihull Approach for foster carers: A service evaluation

Staff experiences of implementing a psychosocial, recovery-based model within a forensic low-secure, learning disability unit

An exploration into staff attitudes and perceptions of service users with a diagnosis of personality disorder

An evaluation of the Nurturing Attachments Parent Training Programme within a looked after children's service in North West England

Do young people experience feelings of isolation and loneliness on physical health wards? Exploring the views of young people and parents

How do fathers experience their transition into fatherhood: implications for a service for new parents

'The Decider' a skills group for managing emotions: client experiences

Staff experiences of working in a psychologically informed acute day service